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      Back in 2006 I had arrangements to view a Studebaker collection that was formerly owned by Ross Boothby who was a long-time Studebaker Enthusiast. He had restored many Studebakers over the years and was well-known in the Antique Car world. The Boothby family had inherited this collection and wanted to ensure that the vehicles went to good homes. Their was a total of eight complete cars plus a 1963 Champ project. It seems that this truck was off the road for 31 years and was in the process of getting restored by Ross before his untimely death. It was basically one vehicle with alot of spare parts from another truck as he had gathered up parts for the restoration. It was missing some parts but with some effort they would be still available. We left that day with many photos and passed this information on to all interested parties to assist them in selling these vehicles. Two years later most of the vehicles had been sold but the truck was a big project and for most too much to handle. It had been off the road for 31 years for a reason as getting the parts to get this on the road would be challenging. The good thing going for it is the Champ Body is based on the 1959 Lark and body parts are readily available. The frame is all truck and these trucks were known to be good haulers. Major problem were rust as it had alot of nooks and krannys for dirt or salt to collect. I contacted Ron Boothby in the spring of 2008 and asked him if he still had the Champ. I also indicated that I wished to see the truck to see if I could handle such a challenging project. We arrived after a 4 Hr drive and started to take photos and inventory of the parts. It was mostly there but the sure way of finding out is to have a parts book to list those obscure parts that were unique to the Champ. The body floor pans had been patched and the motor top end was apart but I had lots of spare parts to sort that out. I left not making a commitment until I was able to make a valid estimate in restoring this vehicle. After making up a list of parts and maintenance required I decide that it was worth restoring if the price was right. I made a offer which was accepted and then I had to arrange the logistics to pick up all of the parts and truck itself. With two trucks,1 car hauler, 1 trailer and 4 SDC members we went up to move this truck 4 hours away to my garage.  It was a full day and into the night before we unloaded at my place.

1960-64 Champ Specification & Data sheets


I had made up an initial list of over 100 parts that are needed to complete the total restoration.

The steering column has been reinstalled but much more has to be done to make this truck roadworthy.


1963 1/2 Ton Champ - A true total restoration Project


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