1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration


Clutch Restoration or Rebuild


Task: Rebuild Clutch

    Since you have the Transmission out for rebuild, good time to check out the Clutch (Pressure Plate, Throw out Bearing and Flywheel)

You will need to have the vehicle up on Jack Stands and also put a bottle jack with board under the Oil Pan to support engine when you take out

Bell housing & engine mount bolts.



Once I properly installed the rear engine support I removed the bell Housing When removing the bell housing it was be very tight

and needed much effort to remove as the space between the frame cross member and underneath of the cab floor was minimal.

 I proceeded to inspect the Flywheel which was also rusty but almost new and all I did was clean with Brake cleaner & steel wool/emery paper.

I purchased a new Throw-out bearing as nothing worse then having to replace it once it's all back together.


Note: This is a two person job with a proper Transmission jack ( Transmission is very heavy and hard to manhandle).

Take Digital Photos of all parts and the way it goes together before you remove so you put the Clutch & linkage back together correctly



Ensure to reinstall taking note of the clutch facing that goes towards the Flywheel


What I found once disassembled.

Visually inspect the Clutch plate/disc to verify that all parts function & springs are not broken

If uneven or grooved then take off Flywheel to get turned at machine ship. You will need an impact Wrench

If you just need to clean use Brake cleaner & rag while ensuring to wipe off all excess

Once you have thoroughly cleaned/replaced all Clutch parts and wish to reinstall you will need a Clutch Alignment tool to line up the Flywheel, Clutch and Pressure plate.

I bought a NOS T-85 Front Imput shaft and this worked great.

Clean and repaint the front Bell Housing Access Cover


Install Bell Housing ensuring that you have all of the proper sized bolts and rear engine mounts. Ensure to grease Clutch rod while you have it off


Nice new Clutch Release (Throw-out) Bearing was installed. Ensure it goes in the proper way as you found it when disassembled.


Task: Clutch Adjustment

    When I had everything hooked up as per manual the clutch pedal was on the floor and needed adjustment. There are three places you need

to have the the clutch pedal working properly. The first step to adjust/tighten the Clutch pedal return spring (left top side of pedal assembly) to just under 10 inches in length.

Then Step 2 is to go to the other side of the linkage in the cab and adjust the clevis pin & nut all the way out. The final step is to go under the truck and adjust adjust the

Bell crank to operating shaft rod outwards (anti-clockwise) until you have 1/2 - 1 in free play in the pedal.  Your pedal should be off the floor and be working properly

at this time. If not recheck all adjustments and ensure that the Clutch linkage is assembled properly. Last Resort: If still not working properly you may have to

remove the transmission to check that the Clutch Release Bearing or rest of the Clutch assembly to ensure it was properly installed.






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