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Installing a new Fuel Sending Unit

        I recently noticed that when I filled my gas tank on my 1969 Avanti that the needle on the gas gauge would go to empty due to the Fuel sending unit moving to the bottom of the tank. It would take afew hours to slowly move up to indicate the true level of fuel in the gas tank.  This unit is original so at this time 49 yrs old and in need of replacement. Sending units for 1963 and most later Avantis are all the same and must work with the Stewart-Warner gauge that was installed as original eqpt. They are different from the standard Studebaker sending unit used in GT Hawks and regular Lark style Sedans.

The proper one you require for most Avantis is Stewart Warner 385C-F R Swing 6-12 Fuel Level Sending Unit, 240/33 Ohm

Stewart Warner 385B-F L Swing 6-12 Fuel Level Sending Unit 240/33 Ohm

which can be purchased from many sources such as Speedway Motors, EBay and Summit Racing to name afew.  Regular Price is $25 US

which is alot cheaper then most Studebaker Sending units and is pretty easy to install.


Installation Instructions:

1. Remove rear upper and lower seats


2. Remove padded panel which has 20 screws securing it.


3. Disconnect connector from the top of Fuel Sending unit


4. Remove the 5 threaded screws & ground from OEM sending unit


5. Remove old Sending unit and turn unit to ensure that it comes out easily.


6. Cut the new Fuel Sending unit float rod to approx 9 inches and snap in place while ensuring the float is secure


7. Install new rubber Base gasket on unit


8. Proceed to install new sending unit by turning the assembly slowly into the sending unit hole in the tank

while ensuring that you don't force it. It will fit OK and you don't have to remove the fuel tank to get it in

as same Internet websites have indicated.


9. Once The sending unit is flush with the hole proceed to line up all 5 holes (only goes on in one position) while

ensuring the sending unit can move freely in the gas tank and doesn't bind. Only use the stock threaded screws

as they will ensure that the sending unit is properly secure to the top of the fuel tank. Reconnect the ground using

one of the screws


10. Reconnect the Fueling sending unit wire and this is the time to check the guage to see if it is working properly.

If you have installed it correctly and have a good ground then it should be working fine (unless you have an n/s Gauge)


11. Reinstall the padded divider along with the upper and lower seats.




1969 Avanti