1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration


Gas Tank


Task: Check Gas Tank

Never attempt to start any vehicle that has been sitting for many years without emptying and removing the gas tank to check for leaks

 and dirt in the gas tank. Attempt to empty the gas tank first if it has old fuel in it and so it is easier to handle. If  you need to siphon it out then do so.

Once you get as much out as you can then proceed to remove the four nuts that hold the tank in place. If the tank is still too heavy then place a

floor jack with a piece of wood between it and the gas tank and once all of the nuts have been removed lower to the ground.

If it looks rusty inside then you will need to take it to a shop that can pressure test it for leaks and it could also need to be sealed.

I was very fortunate as this tank was in great condition and was totally dry inside so I painted the outside of the tank and reinstalled it.


Just removed after 50 years on the truck


Removed Fuel sending unit and after inspection replaced with new cork gasket

Note: Never use any type of sealant on the Fuel sending gasket as this will just ooze into your fuel lines and

plug them up. The cork gasket works just fine by itself.


Champ Restoration