1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration

Glass Installation


Task: Install Windshield


Putting in a windshield can be tricky so do your homework and most of all never force these windshields as they can cost up to $500 by the time it is delivered to you

Remember to install the headliner prior to installation of the windshield. The front of the Headliner is glued to the front upper lip of the windshield opening

like the photo below. I purchased stationary clips and used contact cement to hold it in place overnight.


Note: This is a two person job as one person has to be on the hood to keep the windshield firm against the opening

so the other person can pull on the rope and work his way around the windshield ensuring that the seal is pulled inside.

It is also easier to install the windshield without the dash if possible

Tools/materials you will need are -   1.    Rope 1/4 inch about 25 feet

                                                                                                                                    2.    Rubber contact cement to glue the new windshield seal to the glass

                                                                                                                                          3.    Bungee cords to hold windshield/trim/seal in place before it's installed 

                                                                            4.    Squirt bottle with soapy water

                                                                                                                 5. Tube of 3M Bedding & Glazing Compound Black 08509


Check out this link to install a Studebaker windshield Installation 




The 1/4 in rope needs to be seated in the rubber groove like the picture below



Here is the final product


Task: Install rear window

                                                                                                This task is much easier then the windshield but you still require a helper. Also ensure you have the proper glass and

dry fit the seal and check the glass in the opening. The seal I used didn't need any help staying snug on the glass but would recommend

some contact cement be used to ensure a water tight fit. Once the cement is dry use the same 1/4 in rope from the windshield installation and

feed it top to bottom all the way around. Then have you helper carry the rear glass inside the cab and hold firmly on the opening. Your job is to

pull the rope starting from the top and work you way around ensuring that the seal edge comes outside over the lip. Work you way around like

the windshield ensuring that the helper keeps the glass with the seal as close to the lip to ensure it goes on with ease. Once the seal edge is completely

on the outside then check for fit. If not on straight/even then I used a pair needle nose pliers gently while the helper pushed on the glass.

This will ensure the seal is even all around the rear window opening.


Champ Restoration