Studebaker Garage


Photo Gallery


     Below are Studebakers that I have sighted in various cities and towns while on our travels in North America.

Keep a keen eye out for them as they are still around in the backyards or fields of North America

Studebaker M-15 in Eastern Ontario

1950 Studebaker at the Route 66 Museum in Kingman, Arizona

1950 Land Cruiser in Eastern Ontario





1963 Lark near Summerland, BC

1950 Studebaker Convertible in Eastern Ontario

1949 Champion at the Nixdorf Museum in Summerland BC

Bulletnose in trees in Eastern Ontario

1950 Bulletnose in Northern Montana

1955 Champion in Eastern Ontario

1958 Commander in Victoria, BC

Studebaker M-15 in Northern Ontario

1947 Businessman Coupe in Webster, FL

1951 Bulletnose in Tucumcari New Mexico Snow-covered 1947 Studebaker M15 Pickup Eastern Ontario 1951 Studebaker Champion Eastern Ontario



1947 M series Water drilling truck near Bangor Maine