1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration


Pickup Box



Note: Some of these P2 Box parts such as brackets or hinges are hard to get as they are not remanufactured 

            and you will have to use good used or NOS parts. Also many Studebaker Truck Owners prefer the 

         P1 Shortbox available from 1949-62 but since the wheelbase is 122 in it will not fit unless you use a 

        long P1 box on this truck.


Task: Repair Pickup Box

        To restore the Tailgate Hinges which I acquired. It required Body work from deep scratches

 and small holes. I used Strand reinforced Fiberglass to fill in all scratches and small holes. The remainder 

 patched with real metal. I have sanded and primered the whole box and I intend to resand and primer/paint 

the box in Blue Mist metallic which is the original 1963 Studebaker colour.


Task: Install Tailgate                                            

Seems easy enough but this box had rust problems in the area of both tailgate hinges. You need to cut 

out the rusted area and weld in new metal. The bolts are 3 - 8ths fine thread so you will have to at least tap 

out the threads in the Hinge Brackets. I had to also remove old broken bolts and use new ones. I had a 

NOS tailgate to install but it was initially very tight and the brackets didn't line up. The welding in the box 

had changed the tailgate opening so I got a Tube jack with a two by four and opened up the back of box so 

the hinges on the tailgate fit the brackets on the box. This worked very well as the tailgate fits like a glove now



Stock Chain connector


Final product


Champ Restoration