1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration




Task: Repaired Steering post Steering Wheel nut threads


Threads that would attach the steering wheel were stripped. Purchased a 5/8 in by 18 Thread Hexagon 

Die and repaired threads to ensure that It could attach the Steering Wheel. Although the tool cost $39 it 

would of cost me around $130 and much time to replace the Cam & Post. Repair works fine and nicely 

restored the threads


Task: Install Horn wire inside of steering column

Took a thin straighten Coat hanger from the bottom and inserted into Horn Cable hole and put up until it 

made it's way up the Steering post hole. Found rust and cleaned out the tube and Steering post. I then pushed up 

the Horn wire up from the bottom with no connector. I experienced no problems and was able to push 

all the way until it came out of the Steering Post inside the Cab. I crimped new connections at each end in 

preparation for hookup to the wiring harness and horn push button switch




Champ Restoration