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Purchasing a Studebaker? Then this Purchase Checklist may help you.

      Below are links and information on restoring and maintaining your Studebaker.  It's getting harder these days to find

a good Studebaker mechanic so you need to  learn how to do it yourself in most cases or ask for the assistance from

fellow Studebaker Enthusiasts. We are not getting younger so we need to pass on our knowledge to keep them on the road. 

These sites will help immensely



Here is how to store your Studebaker over the winter

Maintenance/Info Links

Studebaker Drivers Club Tech Tips

Bob's Studebaker Resource Website  

Studebaker Truck Talk

Studebaker Reference Guide 

Studebaker Parts Tech Help

1964 NAPA Studebaker Parts List

Pete's Garage - Rebuilding a 1962 Studebaker 289 V8

Battery Group Size Chart

Fram Filters

Paint Colour Chip Guide

Tire Size Conversion Chart

Sheet Metal Gauge to inches chart  



Parts Links

Canadian Studebaker

Classic Enterprises

D and L Transmission

Fairborn Studebaker

Fifth Avenue Garage


KG Works

Loga Enterprises

Old Ride Junkyard Directory

Silvertone Exhaust

Southeast Studebaker

Stephen Allen

Studebaker Swap page

Studebaker Vendors

Studebaker International

Studebaker on the Net

Studebaker Parts