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If you are looking for parts for your Studebaker in particular 1959-66 models

1962- 64 GT Hawk, 1960-64 Champ and 1963-1983 Avanti I maybe able to help

Contact me at Stude Parts for a list of what I have squirreled away in my garage.

Need your year & model - part # also helps identify what you need

Prices are reasonable and if I have something of interest I can send a photo



Look at these sites for Studebakers for sale.


Autotrader Canada

 Cars on Line

Collector Car Ads




Kijiji Ontario

Old Ride



Here are some of the Studebaker vendors/repair shops that I have used over the years

  Studebaker Parts 

            from kgWorks 


Dupre Upholstery

Belleville, Ontario



Studebaker Garage