Studebakers & their engines


        One thing you will soon find out is that Studebaker engines, both the Flathead six cylinder and especially

the OHV V8 are extremely well-build while being considered the best American engines ever made.

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Over the past 20 years I have been to many Car Meets where Studebakers were on Display. Here are

some of  the stock and sometimes not so stock engines that I have seen installed in our favourite brand


Studebaker Engines


1922 Studebaker 288.7 C.I. Six

1920s Special Six

1930s Studebaker Race Car Engine

  1930s K Series Truck Six

1935 President Straight Eight

    1950s Champion Six with Dual Carters

1951-54 Studebaker with 232 V8

Studebaker with Flathead Six with optional Supercharger

Late 1950s 289 Sweepstakes V8

  1957-58 Golden Hawk 289 V8 with McCullough Supercharger

1959 Lark 259 V8

1959 Lark with 185 Six (Non-Stock) Similar to 170 C.I. Six

1960s Lark with 289 V8 with Dual Four BBL Carbs (Custom)

  Studebaker 289 V8 with Four 2 BBL Carbs

1961 Champ 169 OHV Six Cylinder

1960s Lark with 289 V8 Supercharged engine

1963 Champ 259 V8

  1964 Daytona 289 V8 R1

1964 Daytona 289 V8 R2

Studebaker 289 V-8 with Three 2 BBL Carbs

   1963-64 Avanti 304 V8 R3

   1963-64 Lark/Daytona 304 V8 R3

 1952 Starlight Coupe with 289 & Dual Carbs

Lark with 289 - Dual Carbs & AC


Studebakers or Avantis with other Engines


1956 Golden Hawk with stock Packard 352 Dual WCFB 4 Bbl Carbs 1958 Scotsman with 350 V8 Chevy engine 1966 Studebaker with stock 194 Six Cylinder Chevy 1953-54 Custom with Big Block Chevy Crate engine

1966 Studebaker with stock 235 Six Cylinder Chevy Engine

1965-66 Studebaker with stock 283 V8 Chevy Engine

1964 Studebaker with 502 Big Block Crate Engine

1964 Studebaker with a Corvette Engine

1969 Avanti with 327 Chevy Engine

1972 Avanti with 400 SBC

1983 Avanti with 305 H.O. Chevy Engine

1988 Avanti with Paxton Supercharger

1950s Studebaker 2R5 with Cummins Diesel

Studebaker with Chevy LS Crate Engine

1963 Studebaker 8E 1.5 Ton with Stock Detroit Diesel 1953-54 Coupe with LS2 Engine
1947 1 Ton M15 with Mercedes Benz 5 Litre Diesel 1953 Studebaker Coupe with 5.7 LS Engine 1938 Studebaker Commander with 350 V8