Super Hawks



Super Hawks are specially equipped 1963-64 Studebaker GT Hawks that came from the factory with Avanti powered engines.  You had the optional choice of either R-1 to R-4 289/304 Engines which give your Hawk alot more pickup for your Saturday Night Drag race or just heading down the highway. Larks could be also equipped with the Avanti Powered Engines as an option. Very few Super Hawks were produced from the Factory and if concerned about if it was factory equipped you can contact the Studebaker Museum and for small fee (presently $25) you can get a build sheet of the Studebaker in question. This will inform you how your Studebaker came off the assembly line.

        Upon initial inspection the indicators that it is a Super Hawk is the Engine Serial Number, Chrome Plated Valve Covers, Paxton Supercharger (R2). To really confirm get Factory Build sheet from the Studebaker National Museum in South Bend


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