1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration



Task: Inspect &/or Replace Tires


Present tires were old and cracked. Replaced with newer, better tires. Rims are 5 inches wide 

and installed  P215 R75 15 tires which will pass safety inspection


Alternate wheels can be used Chevy Astro wheels (modified to fit Studebaker truck brake drums) and P235 75 R15 tires

Task: Install new wheel stud

Found one stud was stripped on front Left wheel drum. Jacked up vehicle and removed tire. Removed

brake drum nut and drum. Attach Nut to stripped Stud and pounded it out gently but firm. Take new

stud and push in and tap it into the hole all the way ensuring it goes in straight. Reinstalled Drum and

wheel.  Used 1/2 T Truck Stud  Part # 523702



Champ Restoration