1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration



Task: Inspect and/or Rebuild Transmission

        Removed Transmission to inspect and take to shop if required. It was very dirty and needed to be 

inspected to ensure it worked properly. Removed with floor jack after I removed the four front bolts

connected to the bell housing. This allows you to also inspect the clutch assembly and throw out Bearing. 

Ensure you get a quote before you let the Transmission shop repair as this can get costly. Replace all fluids 

with new GL-1 Trans Fluid when the transmission is out and on the floor upon return from shop. It was 

completely rebuild and is ready for installation once the drive shaft and u-joints are checked. Have some 

help with installation as the transmission is heavy and you need a proper transmission hoist and/or jack adapter

to properly ensure you don't drop it to the floor.


Task: Replace broken Transmission shift linkage rod            

Reason: The one that was found with the truck was broken


        Rather then buying a new shift rod for the T-85 Transmission I took a spare NOS Shift Rod and 

put in a vice to bend it the same way the broken one was shaped. I matched up the new rod and 

installed it with a new swivel, washer and cotter pin. The NOS Transmission Rod was the same as 

the broken one in length except it was bent for use in another Transmission/vehicle model


Task: Install T-85 3 speed overdrive Transmission 



                                                                                                                          I proceeded to re-install the transmission with the help of another person. His main job would be to

assist me in getting the heavy Transmission lined up. I used my floor jack with a specially build wooden

platform so the transmission wouldn't move when I moved it into place. It is a very tight squeeze as the Governor

is very close to the underbody of the cab and first thing to do is to insert the Input gear into the Clutch

Throw-out bearing. This is brute work and as you get the imput gear shaft into the Throw-out Bearing you need to

turn over the imput gear over to mesh with the splines in the clutch plate and be able to get fully home into

the bell housing and clutch assembly. We used two longer bolts of the same size as the transmission mounting bolts

so we could draw it closer to the bell housing while lining up the imput gear through the clutch plate. We were able to line

everything up and re-insert the four transmission mounting bolts while re-torqueing them. We then re-attached the

two gearshift rods to the transmission ensuring that is attached properly as per manual. Used a nail to go between the

two holes in the steering column gearshift levers to ensure it was properly aligned and had shifting ability. Once both rods

were connected I removed the nail and verified that I could go through all of the gears on the column shifter. I also installed

a rubber governor boot (Part # 522022) to help keep the governor clean and protected.






Champ Restoration