1963 Studebaker Champ Restoration




Task: Install Main & Rear Wiring Harnesses

    In order to install wiring Harnesses you will need to use the 1960-64 Studebaker wiring diagram

and the Studebaker Color Code Wiring Diagram  which you would normally find in the 2E-8E Truck Shop Manual

Although most Studebaker Models of cars and Truck  use the same basic Color Code you will find that they

would be some differences based on year & Model. Ensure that the wiring Harness you are using is free of breaks

and is in good condition because the last thing you want to do is fry the wiring harness due to a short. Some of these trucks

don't have a Fuse Block like most of the car models. If you are taking out the old wiring harness best thing

to do is remove it one connection at a time and hook up the connections to the new wiring harness at the same time if you can.

Many Champ Truck Owners will install a new Fuse Block that uses the newer type of fuses and hook up the major circuits through a new

Fuse Block to ensure if you have a short it will blow the fuse and not fry the wiring. Use a Voltage Meter to ensure everything is hooked up

properly and double/triple check all connections comparing the two diagrams.


Task: Install Generator & Voltage Regulator

The OEM Generator for a 1963-64 Champ Truck is Studebaker# 1555236 which is an Autolite - GJP-7402E and the matching Voltage Regulator

is an Studebaker # 1555237 or Autolite VBO-4223F. In order for your Generator to work you must use the proper matching Voltage Regulator.

First ensure you disconnect the vehicle battery. Then you must attach the Generator to the Left hand Exhaust Manifold ensuring that the bracket holes line up

so you can secure the generator properly. You will have 2 wires that need to be connected to the generator, one to the ARM post (thickest on left) with the

10 Gauge white wire and then Field Post (smaller on right) with the 12 Gauge white w/ black trace wire. Mount the Voltage Regulator upright on the right inner

fender while ensuring that all 3 wires that need to be hooked can easily reach all 3 connections - Bat, Arm & Fld.  Connect the black 12 gauge wire from the

wiring Harness to BAT, The dual connected white and black wires to the ARM. At this time reconnect the vehicle Battery and very carefully take the

white field wire and momentarily touch the BAT connection (you should see a small spark) which will properly polarize your generator system. Connect the

field wire to the field Connection on the Voltage regulator and start your vehicle. Check to see the AMP light on your dash is off and then take voltage meter to the

pos and neg post on your battery which should read around 14.5 volts if everything is working properly.   If the Amp light is on and your voltage meter reads

around 12.5 then your Generator isn't working properly. Many repair shops can check you Generator but ensure to take the voltage regulator with you as they need

this also if they are matched and working together properly.


Note: If you plan to use another matched working generator and voltage regulator ensure you verify all connections as sometimes the ARM and FIELD connections on

on older Autolite generators (or Delco Remy models) are opposite then the connectors on the stock OEM Generator. Also older Voltage regulators will have the

BAT, ARM and FIELD connections in a different location then the OEM model and they may need to be polarized differently as per above diagram.



Champ Restoration